Reference List of Saturday Lecture Recordings by Date

TAC Saturday Lecture Recordings are available from September 2020 forward


6/4 Linda Gass, Using Beauty and Textiles to Look at Hard Environmental Realities

5/21 The Julia Koerner, Future is Now

4/23 Rachel Silberstien, From Second-Hand Robes to Chinese Art: the Formation and Meanings of “Chinese Dress” Collections in the Twentieth-Century American Museum

3/19 Susan Brown and Alexa Griffith, Dorthy Liebes, Coast to Coast

2/26 Teri Greeves, Honoring the Women Who Came Before

1/22 Helena Hernmarck, Helena Hernmarck: Wool and Color


1/16 Dilys Blum, Back to the Future: Reflections on Off the Wall: American Art to Wear at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

2/20 Cristin McKnight, Curating Handmade: Textiles from South Asia, Past and Present

3/20 Carol Cassidy, Weaving, Tradition, Art and Community

4/17 Carol McLennan, Embracing the In-Between: Comme des Garçons, Butoh, and Ma

5/15 Valerie Kirk, Tapestry Weaving – A Universe beyond the everyday.

6/5 Kana Taira, Ryukyu Bashofu: Banana Fiber Textiles of Okinawa

9/18 Laura Johnson, ’Very full of work’: Patterns of Printed Textile Scholarship

10/16 Genevieve Duggan, Beyond the warp and the weft: Ikat textiles of the island of Savu, eastern Indonesia

11/6 Laura Camerlengo, From Mississippi to Paris – to San Francisco: The Making of “Patrick Kelly: Runway of Love”


11/21 Evelyn Vanderhoop, The Northwest Coast Wool Textiles – Cultural Use, History and Contemporary Revival

10/24 Mariachiara Gasparini, Rolling Roundels: Development and Evolution of Medieval Chinese-Central Asian Textiles

9/26 Sara Trail, Social Justice Sewing Academy: Youth Voice Through Textiles