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Curator-Led Tour: 'Weaving Stories' at the Asian Art Museum

Thursday, March 31, 2022, 2pm PT Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

200 Larkin Street, San Francisco

Admission: Open to TAC members only and up to one paying guest of a TAC member. Members: $25. Guests: $30.

Members of the Textile Arts Council are invited to a curator-led tour of the Weaving Stories exhibition at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, followed by an optional private tea. Members may invite up to one paying guest.

The tour will be led by Associate Curator of Southeast Asian Art, Dr. Natasha Reichle, organizer of the exhibition. Weaving Stories offers a vibrant encounter with one of the oldest and most intimate and universal forms of art. From birth to death, we are swaddled, wrapped, or shrouded in cloth. Textiles not only protect and adorn our homes, our sacred spaces, and our bodies; they also tell stories of identity, status, faith, and women as artistic innovators.

Over 40 significant examples of textiles are shown from dozens of communities in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia, most dating to the 19th and 20th centuries. The majority of them have never been exhibited before. In addition to the textiles themselves, archival photographs and multimedia displays illustrate how they were produced and used, revealing complexity, creativity, and beauty. Visitors will be able to touch samples of fabrics, watch videos demonstrating traditional processes, and get close-up views with a magnification station.

1:45 PM – Guests gather in Bowes Court and listening devices distributed 2:00 PM – Tour begins 3 PM – (Optional) Private refreshments in the Fisher Room (beverage/food cost not included) After the tour, you may explore the remainder of the museum.

The tour is limited to 20 participants.

Please note: masking is required.

Image Credits: 1. Woman’s shoulder cloth (selendang) or headcloth (tengkuluak) (detail), approx. 1850–1900. Indonesia; West Sumatra, Minangkabau people. Silk, metal-wrapped threads, and dyes. Gift of M. Glenn Vinson and Claire Vinson, 2021.58. Photograph © Asian Art Museum.

2. Ceremonial textile (tampan), approx. 1700–1800. Indonesia; Lampung, Sumatra, Paminggir people. Cotton. Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, Gift of M. Glenn Vinson and Claire Vinson, 2021.59. Photograph © Don Tuttle.


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