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Walter Mitschke, 1886-1972, H. R. Mallinson & Company, 1915-1955. Fragment: Paradise Valley, Mount Rainier, 1927, silk; plain weave, cylinder-printed.. Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, Gift of the Julia Brenner Collection, 55237.7. Photograph by Jorge Bachmann, courtesy of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

To Teach and Inspire: The Julia Brenner Textile Collection

Between 1923 and 1938, Julia Brenner (1866–1944) donated more than one thousand textile fragments, as well as nearly two hundred costume components, costume accessories, complete textiles, and tools, to the M.H. de Young Memorial Museum (now part of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco). Learn More

This exhibition at the de Young is currently closed and will reopen 3/15/23.

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updated 10/20/22

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