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Summer of Love: “Hippie Chic” with Jeanne Rose


Summer of Love: “Hippie Chic”

with Jeanne Rose, former couterier June 3rd, 2017, 10 a.m. Koret Auditorium, de Young Museum

Admission: Free for current members of the TAC, $5 for students and members of FAMSF, $10 General Admission

Join TAC and former couturier Jeanne Rose as she guides us through this companion lecture to the de Young’s exhibition Summer of Love. During 1967, many styles rose to popularity: Western and Native American leather and fringe, Victorian/Retro and Custom/Made-to-order. Jeanne Rose was on the scene during the Summer of Love, and her signature style was custom made-to-order—with an emphasis on clothes that fit the body easily and gracefully, made with natural fibers.

Rose notes, “In the Bay Area we were more ‘into’ natural fabrics and feel-good clothing. I felt that natural fabrics made comfortable clothes and I used only cotton, silk and linen. At an interview, I said that I liked to feel naked in my clothes and did not like store-bought, as some of it was so strange looking to me— so artificial. Everything I made had to be natural, feel natural, and look real. When I traveled to New York with the Rascals, my ‘look’ was commented upon and admired. Paisley? We wore Paisley – it was emblematic of the spiritual change some of us were trying to make.”

Rose worked mostly for local Bay area musicians. In 1967, she did her first fashion show, complete with a lightshow and models dancing to the music of Country Joe and the Fish. Her clothes were featured shortly thereafter in the San Francisco Chronicle and the 10th issue of Rolling Stone magazine, alongside Jefferson Airplane. Rose’s couture was also featured in a book of photographs by Baron Wolman.


Jeanne Rose is a California native daughter and the leading pioneer in the revival of herbal and natural remedies and aromatherapy and an international authority on these subjects since 1972. Her aromatic garden is world-famous and has appeared in Herb Companion, Country Gardening, and the Japanese publication Herb Country Gardens, Spiritual Gardens and others. She has written 25 books on the subject. As a child and in high school Jeanne’s mother made many of her clothes and she taught Jeanne how to sew. She believed that one object well made from high quality fabric was worth five of anything that one could buy. Jeanne always had bespoke clothes (made-to-order) from really high-end fabrics from her own designs. After graduate school in Florida, Jeanne home to California in 1963.  She came to Big Sur, California, the home of the ‘natural life’, organic food, organic life, organic living, herbal treatments, no plumbing, no electricity, and the beginnings of LSD. This was just before the Hippie Days and LSD was legal. Jeanne says, “I lived and learned about the natural way of living, healing using nature’s medicines (herbs). I made my clothes on a treadle sewing machine that I still have – I used organic and/or 100% real fabric of cotton, silk, wool or linen.” With a degree in zoology, graduate studies in herbal and pesticide research and in marine biology, and through her ongoing private and public research, Jeanne is an ‘academic enthusiast’, now refining her work on the medicinal uses of herbs and therapeutic values of essential oils through relentless research.

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