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"Wearable Art" Studio Visits

06/13/2024 Thursday - Studio Tours

10:30 am to 1:15 pm

About this event

Art to Wear innovators Jean Cacicedo and Janet Lipkin open their studios to the Textile Arts Council for an intimate look into their creative processes and art. These will be lively interactions with time for questions and discussions about design and inspiration.

The first 10 registrants to this event will begin the tour in Berkeley, CA. The remaining registrants will begin the tour in Richmond, CA.

Details will be forwarded to all attendees by June 11.


About the Artist | Jean Cacicedo

My home is decorated with much of my art work as well as the art of others and will be open along with my studio and garden. The focus of my art has been working with the transformation of cloth through shrinking, dyeing, piecing, and stitching. I have worked on one-of-a-kind garments, textile sculpture, and wall hangings. In the studio I will explain the processes that go into making my art and share samples of the techniques I have developed over the decades. A limited selection of items will be available for purchase.

About the Artist | Janet Lipkin

I am excited to welcome TAC members to my home and studio. During the visit I will share the inspirations, techniques, and influences that have guided my creative journey over the past six decades. I cherish the handwork of cultures worldwide and hope in some way to pay tribute to their art through my work. I focus on images celebrating joy, themes of humanity, and protecting the role of women. By trying on some of these garments, I hope that you will gain a deeper understanding of my message and enjoy the touch and feel of their texture. A selection of pieces will be available for purchase.

Images courtesy of Jean Cacicedo and Janet Lipkin.

Image #1: Winter White Jacket and Collar, courtesy of Jean Cacicedo.

Image #2: Goddess Series, courtesy of Jean Cacicedo.

Image #3: Joy Wool Polyester coat, courtesy of Janet Lipkin.

Image #4: Freedom, courtesy of Janet Lipkin.


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