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Annual Sinton Lecture: Waiting for the Monsoon: Slow Clothes in India


Annual Sinton Lecture: Waiting for the Monsoon: Slow Clothes in India

Presented by Charllotte Kwon, director of the Maiwa Foundation Saturday, April 21, 2018, 10 am Koret Auditorium, de Young Museum

Admission: Free for current members of the TAC; $5 for students and members of FAMSF; $10 General Admission

The slow movement first appeared as a reaction against fast food culture. It has since expanded to challenge everything from tourism to clothing. Slow clothes are made with an eye to the human impact of clothing production rather than the need to accelerate production to meet a fashion trend.

Before there was a term for what it was doing, Charllotte Kwon’s company, Maiwa, looked to employ traditional natural dyers, blockprinters, weavers, and artisans in the production of quality clothing that can compete in the world market. This approach has led to many long-term relationships with communities of traditional artisans. Through film and image Charllotte will lead a tour of slow clothes in India that will make you rethink everything that goes into a garment. Charllotte Kwon is the owner of Maiwa Handprints Ltd. and the director of the Maiwa Foundation. Through Maiwa, Charllotte also runs a textile archive and research library located on Granville Island in Vancouver, Canada. Under her direction Maiwa has produced four documentary films and a number of print publications. She also guides Maiwa’s substantial web presence.

Charllotte travels extensively each year to research handcraft and to supplement her natural-dye research. Always looking to extend natural dye use, she also teaches dyeing workshops with artisans around the world and has planned a series of natural dye master classes to bring exceptional practicing artisans together. In 2014 she was awarded an Honourary Doctorate of Letters from the University of the Fraser Valley for her work in promoting the continuation of traditional textile techniques and cultures. In 2017 Charllotte was awarded the Robert Jekyll Award for Leadership in Craft (Canada). The same year she was an organizer for the Indigo Sutra Conference in Kolkata, India.


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