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Designing Pieced Fabric


Designing Pieced Fabric

with Jeanie Low

2-Day Zoom Workshop Tuesday, February 16, 2021 (day 1), 10:00am-noon Tuesday, February 23, 2021 (day 2), 10:00am-noon

Fee: $75 which includes $25 for 2 materials kits TAC members and up to one paying guest may register.

This workshop will teach you a series of techniques to design unique one a kind personal fabrics for a multitude of projects, including bags, handbags, garments, pillows and table runners. Instruction includes Powerpoint slides illustrating construction, embellishments, sample layouts and notes. A copy of these slides will be sent to all participants following the workshops.

Both kits will be mailed 2 weeks before the first session.

Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced

Prerequisite: Sewing machine and sewing machine skills 

In Session one, you will design and sew a cell phone pouch. We will play with various layouts to get the most interesting patchwork effect. In addition, you’ll learn how to handle difficult fabrics so your future projects will mix and match your deconstructed jeans, your home decorator samples, your leftover textiles and other scraps of fabrics. This workshop is all about upcycling instead of tossing no longer worn clothes.

KIT #1 for February 16 contains pre-cut strips of “Asian and Guatemalan” and lining fabrics to design and sew a cell phone pouch.

We’ll discuss the practicality of tools such as pinking shears, rotary cutters, a sewing machine walking foot, #16 needles, seam ripper, painter’s tape, and tailor’s chalk.

Session two is devoted to Sashiko stitches, a Japanese style of embroidery, and to practice Boro, a highly stylized Japanese patching form.

KIT #2 for February 23 will contain: a Sashiko stitching kit, a sheet of fabric, painter’s tape and a scrap for Boro practice.

Within this project we’ll explore ideas for incorporating your vintage buttons, novelty beads, ribbons, other personal embellishments to enhance your garments.


Jeanie Low is a fiber artist who has been creating quilts and wearables for twenty eight years. She was the Featured Artist for QUILT San Francisco 2019. Her work has also been exhibited at the Pacific International Quilt Festival, Santa Clara, CA. She has worked with brocade, cotton, denim, ikat, and silk. She is a member of the San Francisco Quilters Guild.

Photos courtesy of Jeanie Low.


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