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Dress History of Korea

with Minjee Kim and Kyunghee Pyun

Thursday, July 13th, 2023, 3pm PT

Admission: Free

Location: Online

Organizer: The Korea Society

Bringing together a wealth of primary sources and with contributions from leading experts, the Dress History of Korea anthology presents the most recent approaches to the interpretation of dress and fashion of Korea. Through close analysis of visual, written, and material sources—some newly excavated or recently re-discovered in global museums—the book reveals how dress and adornment evolved from the period of state formation to the modern era.

As in other cultures, modern Korean fashion owes many of its styles to historic dress and this process of adaptation is explored within high fashion and popular culture contexts in ways that benefit historians, curators, and designers alike.

Authors with a range of academic and curatorial experience discuss the close relation of dress and adornments to the socio-political and cultural history of Korea and place the dress history of Korea within broader contexts in studies of fashion, material culture, museology, and costume design. Join for a conversation with Minjee Kim and Kyunghee Pyun, the editors of this anthology.


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