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Exclusive TAC Member Batik Tour


An Exclusive Tour! Batik Tulis: Heirloom Textiles of Java

Presented by the Wine Country Collector and available only to TAC members.

Tour takes place in Sonoma. Saturday, October 15, 2016 10 am–noon

Admission is limited and is $50 per person, payable to the Textile Arts Council.

Batik has been recognized by UNESCO as part of the “intangible” cultural heritage of Indonesia. This presentation will center on the batik traditions on the island of Java. The tour will examine two dozen stellar vintage colonial era batiks from a prominent private textiles collection along with a small sampling of other Indonesian textile masterpieces. A Batik expert from Indonesia will guide the tour.

Batik making in Indonesia is a living tradition with deep historical roots. The batik process was revolutionized in the early 19th century with the introduction of imported machine-loomed ground cloth. This allowed the fullest expression of Javanese artistry. Prestigious public collections of batik are found in the Netherlands, Germany and the United States as well as Indonesia.

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