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Finding Art in A Used Coffee Filter – Inspired By Recycling


Finding Art in A Used Coffee Filter – Inspired By Recycling

with Lucia Matzger, Fiber Artist November 18, 2017, 10 am. Koret Auditorium, de Young Museum

Admission: Free for current members of the TAC; $5 for students and members of FAMSF; $10 General Admission

The organic quality of used coffee filters has intrigued Lucia Matzger as an art material for many years. The naturally subdued and earth toned colors, the arbitrary patterns of the coffee stains and their recyclable element all make the filters an attractive material to use. She uses a variety of stained coffee filters, collected from over 25 coffee drinkers, as different color paints. Her eyes are attracted to the lines, juxtapositions and shapes found in nature, architectural elements or just everyday objects. These shapes, angles, and designs translate into possibilities for her work, which either begin after making small sketches or simply by laying out the filters and experimenting with various patterns. Her work, which combines both recycling and fiber art, has been exhibited since the early 1980s and can be seen in several public spaces and many private collections.

Lucia van Meurs Matzger, born and raised in the Netherlands, was exposed to handiwork and textiles at a very early age, especially embroidery, fabric design, handmade paper and multimedia fabric art. These design techniques are recreated in the organic, oriental nature of her present work.


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