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Journey Along the Warp

Journey Along the Warp

Presented by Alex Friedman Saturday, May 19, 2018, 10 am Koret Auditorium, de Young Museum

Admission: Free for current members of the TAC; $5 for students and members of FAMSF; $10 General Admission

Tapestry weaving has a long tradition as a narrative art form. While that aspect initially drew Alex to the medium, it was the weaving process that really excited her. She realized the simplicity of the grid and the basic over/under interlock of the warp and weft would allow her to explore many ways of creating more dimensions within the basic parameters of traditional tapestry. She will talk about the circuitous route in her evolution as a contemporary tapestry weaver.

Alex says, “Art has always part of my life. A native San Franciscan, I studied both studio art and art history. I was hired to work in an architectural office, but an evening class in weaving set me on a new path. Tapestry has taken me in many directions and introduced me to weavers around the world. I have been the Director of the American Tapestry Alliance and currently I serve on the Board of the Textile Arts Council at the de Young. At my studio in the ICB in Sausalito, I welcome visitors by appointment.”


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