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Maedub Workshop 7/28/20


Maedub – Korean Traditional Decorative Knots Workshop

with Youngmin Lee

Tuesday, July 28, 2020, 10 am to 12 pm Fee: $65 including materials

Registration is closed.

Youngmin Lee, who taught our very popular Patchwork Jogakbo workshops last year, returns to teach us how to make traditional Korean Decorative Knots.

In this Zoom-baseed workshop with instructor, Youngmin Lee, you will make Maedeub, Korean traditional decorative knots which have been used for centuries to decorate traditional dress and ritual objects. Instructions for making them have been passed down through generations of skilled specialists such as Youngmin. She will teach participants a basic maedeub technique to make ornaments and will provide the materials needed.

Upon registration, materials will be mailed to you via the USPS. We will confirm your mailing address before sending. You will also gain access to several videos so you can learn the technique.

A few days before the event you will receive an invitation to the Zoom workshop. During the 2-hour workshop, Youngmin will provide background on the art form, answer questions, assist with challenges, provide additional information and allow participants to practice the technique. You will finish with ornaments that you can use to embellish an outfit, pouch, case or other items.

More about Maedub:

Traditional, maedub were decorative items used on male and female outfits. For the male the knot was attached to a wooden identity tag to the sash of his outer garment. Knots that decorated a folding fan were exclusively used by the scholar officials. Knots and tassels were also used to decorate pouches, spectacle cases, and other items.

Maedub also embellished many other personal belongings of women such as earring tassels, pouches and various headgears. The cording used to make the knots is called Dahwe, which was traditionally made form silk thread. Now synthetic materials are also widely used.

Image credit: Youngmin Lee, Flower Bouquet made with 2 basic knots, dorae and sang jog.


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