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Studio Visit: Antique Kashmir and Paisley Shawls from the Joan Hart Collection

Saturday June 18, 2 – 3:30pm

North Berkeley, CA

$25 TAC members, $30 General Public

We are fortunate to have in the Bay area one of the foremost private collections of antique Kashmir and paisley shawls collected by art historian and scholar Joan Hart, a TAC board member. Many of these stunning treasures from the 17th to the twentieth centuries will be on view at Joan’s Berkeley home.

This is a rare opportunity to get up close to museum quality works of art in an intimate setting with an expert. Joan will discuss the weaving techniques employed in the areas of production beginning in Kashmir and spreading to France, Scotland, and England as the shawls became the epitome of luxury and sophistication in many parts of the world. Their appeal came from the intricacies of weave, the use of pashmina, and stunning colors originally done on hand looms by highly skilled craftsmen. The designs began with simple florals which morphed into a paisley form and gradually became gloriously exuberant overall patterns. With the introduction of the jacquard loom, designs celebrating historical and contemporary events entered the repertoire. These shawls continue to captivate us with their fantastic imagery and extraordinary execution.

This event is limited to 20 participants.

Note: Please be vaccinated, boosted and bring a mask.

Joan Hart received her Ph.D in art history from UC Berkeley and has taught at the University of California, Bowdoin College, Wabash College, and Purdue and Indiana Universities. Her research and teaching areas were Renaissance art, Modern art, Perceptual Psychology and modern art, and art historiography, among others. She has lived in Berkeley since 2018.

Image Credits

1. Kashmir embroidered shawl, c 1860, Pashima
2. Kashmir long shawl, c 1840, Russian import stamp, Pashima
Photos by Joan Hart.


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